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Federal & Felony Criminal Lawyers

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From the time you are arrested, the clock starts ticking. You need to find the best lawyer to represent you in your case, collect evidence in your favor, and start fighting to suppress evidence against you.

  • NOT GUILTY Federal Conspiracy to Sell Cocaine, June
  • DISMISSED Possession of Marijuana, April
  • DISMISSED Possession of a Controlled Substance, March
  • DEFERRED Possession of Marijuana, March

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I was already on parole, and The Dudes were able to work with prosecutors to negotiate a 3rd felony offense down to a Class A misdemeanor, and a sentence of 90 days in county jail.
- C.C.
I was arrested for POM and then arrested again for UCW and POM while out on bond. Prosecutors offered 2 years probation for all charges. The dudes fought hard and finally reduced the charges to dismiss both POMs and serve 6 months deferred adjudication for UCW with State unopposed to early termination.
- A.D.
The Dudes were duper helpful. I had never been arrested before, and the dudes helped me to understand the process, calm my nerves, and prevented what could have turned out to be a life shattering criminal record.
- T.S.

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